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High-tech payment solutions

Nayax Ltd. is a global fintech company of cashless, management, telemetry, and business intelligence products specializing in the vending and unattended retail industries. For contactless payment methods, we offer point of sale (POS) devices through mobile applications, credit, debit, or prepaid cards, and even QR scans.

Quick & Universal

Quick transactions via most cash-less payment methods.

Safe & Precise

Safe and quick transactions with precise inventory management.


Telemetry is the automated transfer of measurements or other data from remote locations to receiving equipment for monitoring. Telecommand is the telemetry’s equivalent for systems that need external instructions and data to work.

Business Intelligence

Enterprises use business intelligence (BI) composed of technologies and strategies to analyze data and business information by providing current, historical, and predictive solutions to your business operations. Other functions of business intelligence technologies can provide for your business include reporting, data and process mining, complex event and online analytical processing, benchmarking, business performance management, and more.

To help identify and create new business opportunities, BI technologies have evolved to handle large structured and sometimes unstructured data to allow easy interpretation of these big data. This, in turn, can provide your business with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability, given you implement an efficient strategy based on data insights.


Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) focuses on the completion of transaction where the seller calculates the amount of purchase made by the customer and prepares an invoice as well as indicates the payment options available for the convenience of the customer. The customer then makes a payment for the goods or services from the seller. The seller then issues a receipt for the transaction after a successful payment, either printed or sent electronically.

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