Tailored Food Services For Businesses & Organizations

From small to large businesses, we offer solutions for everyone.

We know that great food facilities are an important part of the work environment and have a significant impact on your employees’ performance and quality of life.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your food facilities, new additions to your vending machines, or implementing a micro market, we have the expertise and capabilities to fit your company’s needs.

  • Wide Range Of Quality Products

  • Touchless & Hygienic Terminals
  • Solutions For All Spaces


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Smart Food Solutions For Every Office Environment

Water Service

We offer table top or tower water systems for your office environment.

  • All machines are bottleless
  • Refreshing sparkling, hot, and cold water

  • No hassle

  • Filters are changed every 6 months (or as necessary)

  • Plug in directly in the water line

Coffee & Tea Services

We offer good quality coffee that is always fresh.

  • The most robust yet innovative coffee machines

  • Comes with a slick and modern design

  • Touch screen

  • Bean to cup only. (We believe in freshness)

  • Barista selection just like your favourite coffee shop

Vending Machine Services

We use the latest technology that allows us to be very efficient with our services.

  • Cashless payment method accepting debit, credit card, prepaid card, and pay by phone

  • Fast refunds
  • 24/7 monitoring of inventory

  • 1 service a week (or as necessary)

  • Wide range selection of products

  • Lots of healthy and delicious options

Micro Market Services

We offer custom design micro markets that meet your company’s culture.

  • Frozen sweet deliciousness and meals, fresh healthy options, cold beverages, and a whole lot of snacks

  • High tech kiosk inventory system for easy purchases
  • Create your electronic wallet in the kiosk to know about product promotions and discount

  • We do 2 services a week. One on Mondays for fresh food and the second one mid-week for snacks and beverages

  • Customer’s feedback system

Craving Box Services

Perfect for small offices or small companies with few employees.

  • Standard product selection

  • Premium product selection

  • Monthly subscription available

Fresh Food Solutions

Have a meeting, team building event, or corporate gathering? We can deliver fresh food to you and your team.

  • No need for catering set up, keeps it casual

Wholesale & Distribution

We deliver all kinds of snacks and beverages, as well as premium healthy products to you for your convenience.

  • Hospital cafeteria and gift shop

  • School cafeterias
  • Universities & colleges
  • Recreation & community centres
  • Vendors
  • Restaurants

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Bespoke Design

Creating spaces that enhance the human experience

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